Testing TheSolarSweetspot Training Method

Rick Malm (SSC Golf) contacted me with the desire to test the training method presented in my book: Slow Practice Will Get You There Faster: Link between Ben Hogans’ mirror practice and his slow motion drill. He was impressed with the concepts, and he proposed that I guide him through the training process. He said that he would then give me all the data acquired for my future use. He is an expert with a lot of experience in sports and has a scientific background. As such, this was a good opportunity to thoroughly test the training method.

Rick Malm

Rick Malm

Rick Malm’s test summary: “Why was I attracted to this training method? Nobody understands how to teach this subject and it can make a difference of a win or loss at long drive world championship for my clients, and for me it means the difference of hitting fairways and greens as well as losing golf balls in the rough. I wish I would have learned this teaching technique before I started playing golf and other sports.”

The whole process is documented in a video ebook (videos embedded in PDF document) that can be previewed and/or purchased and downloaded below.

Any serious golfer that is willing to follow the steps presented in these detailed descriptions of the training process should be able to make significant progress in his sweet spot precision, and, consequently, significantly improve his golf scores, just as Rick did.

Comparison of Rick’s full-speed swing sweet spot accuracy
in a time span of a few months.

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"Whenever I am working on something
I always do it in slow motion."
Ben Hogan

Ben Hogans’ Slow Motion Practice Routine

Not so long ago, a video of Ben Hogan appeared on the Internet, where he is seen showing his friends how he practiced. It is obvious that this footage was not meant for the broader public, however, after so much time, we can be thankful for its appearance. The movie was taken at Seminole Golf Club, in a backyard of one of his friends. Take a look at the excerpt of this recently published video (introductory sequence of Tiger Woods added):

Here is an additional great piece of evidence related to Hogan’s training methods. The following video is much older, however. At first glance, it seems that it is just a swing at normal speed in slow motion. However, notice the audience in the background:

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"I would wear the grooves down to nothing and then go even farther,
so there was a concave area the size of a dime on the sweet spot."
Moe Norman

Slow Practice Will Get You There Faster

In this breakthrough manual, you will learn the way that many great masters and teachers in various disciplines recommend we learn things, the way they developed their amazing skill. It is astounding to discover that, at root, they all eventually excelled in their art using the same approach, and this has been used for centuries in martial arts, in fencing, and, in the post-modern era, in a variety of sports. It is known as the slow motion practice method, and we find it used by virtually all great performers in the world of pianists, violinists, guitarists, and other musicians.

Link between Ben Hogans' mirror practice and his slow motion drill

Slow Practice Will Get You
There Faster

Link between Ben Hogans’ mirror practice
and his slow motion drill

by Ernest Dras
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Jun 10, 2009
Revised edition, 2011
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In golf, Ben Hogan exemplified an outstanding example of this method, but he kept it hidden from almost everyone. Slow motion practice was more or less unknown in golf until recently, when some very rare and safeguarded footage of him appeared on the INTERNET demonstrating the technique. In his books, he spoke about swinging in front of a mirror (without a ball) in order to shape the correct form of the swing. However, in the truest sense of the term, he never spoke about the slow motion practice as presented in these videos. However, it is very difficult for a serious golfer to take advantage of this method unless he or she has it explained along with access to directly implement the technique. This is what my book and invention provide to the international golfing public for the first time.

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"Fast playing is not based on fast practice. It is based
on flawless execution at slow speed."
Daniel Bonade - World class clarinetistd

Slow Motion Method Facilitated By Training Aid

Practicing with the training aid, slow swinging, and then precisely aligning the small hole on the pin is preparation for Ben Hogan’s slow motion drill. It forces a golfer to increase his precision throughout the swing arc and especially at impact point to the extreme. When slowly guiding the hole on the imaginary wire, and then striving to align the small hole on the pin without hitting the borders of the hole, with full attention—as if fighting for life—one can feel pins and needles throughout the body, arms, hands, fingers. That is wanted.

This feeling of precision must then be transferred to the swing. If a golfer jumps directly to swinging with speed, that feeling will be an impossibility. The solution to this problem, in transition, is Ben Hogan’s slow motion drill. The golfer practices a slow backswing, downswing, and now he has extra time to call up the sensations he programmed on the device. He has the time to call up the feeling of extreme precision, ever so slightly hitting the ball on the sweet spot and continuing with the follow through. For more detailed description you can check eBook preview, chapter “Introduction to the training method.”

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"Advanced techniques are the basics mastered."
From the 17th century Samurai Code


Ben Hogan - digging the earthOld wisdom says that man’s talent can be compared to a treasure buried in a courtyard. There may be big treasure; there may be smaller treasure. However, simply having a treasure buried in a courtyard does not help a person: It must be located and dug up! So, whatever golf potential you have buried in yourself, the knowledge and the method presented on this website can help you to bring it out. The training aid is essential, also.

Along with attention, if you devote significant effort to learning and using the principles presented on this website, you will surely see continual improvement of your golf striking ability.