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Testing TheSolarSweetspot Training Method

Rick Malm (SSC Golf) contacted me with the desire to test the training method presented in my book: Slow Practice Will Get You There Faster: Link between Ben Hogans’ mirror practice and his slow motion drill. He was impressed with the concepts, and he proposed that I guide him through the training process. He said that he would then give me all the data acquired for my future use. He is an expert with a lot of experience in sports and has a scientific background. As such, this was a good opportunity to thoroughly test the training method.

Rick Malm

Rick Malm

Rick Malm’s test summary: “Why was I attracted to this training method? Nobody understands how to teach this subject and it can make a difference of a win or loss at long drive world championship for my clients, and for me it means the difference of hitting fairways and greens as well as losing golf balls in the rough. I wish I would have learned this teaching technique before I started playing golf and other sports.”

The whole process is documented in a video ebook (videos embedded in PDF document) that can be previewed and/or purchased and downloaded below.

Any serious golfer that is willing to follow the steps presented in these detailed descriptions of the training process should be able to make significant progress in his sweet spot precision, and, consequently, significantly improve his golf scores, just as Rick did.

Comparison of Rick’s full-speed swing sweet spot accuracy
in a time span of a few months.

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